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After 21 years of working in Internal Audit profession in the financial services industry, Robert has started his own company which develops and facilitates custom internal audit training as well as evaluating, creating, and implementing formal audit methodologies. Prior to starting his company, Robert L. Mainardi was the Vice President of Internal Audit for the Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co. and was responsible for the direction and oversight of the Internal Audit Department. He was responsible for Penn Mutual’s internal audit activities, as well as those of its subsidiaries. Prior to joining Penn Mutual, he was a Senior Audit Manager for The Vanguard Group where he was responsible for the Investment Programs & Services and Methods & Infrastructure teams.

As a professional speaker and consultant, Mr. Mainardi leads client programs to:

  • Develop and maintain world class internal auditing functions
  • Create, implement, and maintain continuous auditing programs
  • Draft, finalize, and issue high impact audit reports
  • Establish and facilitate ERM programs
  • Construct, execute, and manage audit performance dashboards
  • Improve communication and client relationship development
  • Identify, recruit, interview, and maintain quality audit staff

Mr. Mainardi is an active member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and has been a Distinguished Faculty Member for almost 20 years. His expertise and experience in continuous auditing has recently been recognized by Wiley & Sons in his published work – Harnessing the Power of Continuous Auditing. He is a member of the Vision University Staff and continues to be a featured speaker at IIA and other professional association events each year as well as MIS Super Strategies, and Audit World; IIA International, GAM, GRC, All Star, Regional and District Conferences. He received a BS degree from The Pennsylvania State University where he majored in Accounting and Business Law. He also earned a master’s degree in Finance from Temple University. Plus, he has merited the Six Sigma Green Belt certification from the American Society for Quality, which recognizes the recipient for unique expertise in problem-solving and statistical analysis. He also has earned the Qualification in Control Self-Assessment and is certified to perform Quality Assessment reviews.

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